A Letter about Release Campaigns

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I’ve recently been working with a client who has really taken on the self producer role and has such a clear picture of how her songs should be.  The experience has been hard on her.  She’s young and inexperienced, and has taken her share of lumps along the way, and yet she’s still just as motivated and enthusiastic about what she’s doing.

Naturally, as young as she is she sometimes can get ahead of herself.  To help her along, I wrote her an email about releasing her songs, and I think it would benefit everyone if they started thinking about similar strategies.  Of course, I wrote this about music, though it can certainly be applied to any release campaign with some creative thinking.

Cheers and enjoy.

Hi (name withheld)

We’ve been talking about singles… and I want to send you some thoughts I think you should keep in mind for the “Release” of it, or them…

You should be considering the release of your single(s) as a marketing campaign.

Ask yourself the following questions

  • What is the point/reason to release a single?  This is the biggest question you should answer for yourself.
  • Have you firmly decided on releasing just singles vs releasing an album?
  • How will you release it/them? iTunes? Radio? YouTube?
  • Do you know how you’ll get on each one?
  • If you’re releasing to Radio, how will you get the attention of the music directors? Why will they listen to you?
  • How will you promote iTunes and YouTube to your fans?  How will you maintain the interest of your fans so the single(s) keeps selling or keeps getting views?

Thoughts on Strategies… to base your marketing/release campaigns

Album Centered Strategy (8 month campaign)

  1. Start of month 1 – Release your first single from the record to build the anticipation of the record
  2. During month 2 – Release the record
  3. During month 4 – Release single #2 to maintain momentum on album sales
  4. During month 6 – Release single #3 to maintain momentum on album sales

Single Only/No Album Strategy (6 month campaign)

  • Release a new single every 6-8 weeks (3-4 songs)
  • At the end of 6 months allow a discount for downloading all the songs (aka compilation)

These are both REALLY simplified strategies, but should give you a good idea how to build a campaign that will be worthwhile in generating revenue.  The Album version naturally has higher cost because you’re recording more songs and you might be doing physical products, though it also has higher potential of increased sales because there is more to purchase.