About Two Bodies of Water

Two Bodies of Water Productions is a four room recording studio in Edmonton that is dynamic, cozy, and affordable. Our prices are among the best in the industry. Our facility feels like home without the distractions. We’re able to handle just about anything you can think of with three dedicated tracking rooms, one beautiful sounding control room, almost 1000 square feet of open air recording, and one of the greatest sounding outside building channels in the city (yes – we love to record outside on a beautiful day).


I've been working out of/recording at Two Bodies of Water Productions for over a year now and it's been such a fantastic experience. (via twitter)
Chkimera (Alan Holmes)



Recording can be an overwhelming, intimidating experience. To help, our engineers are professional, passionate, experienced, and, most importantly, they are patient. Musicians themselves, our engineers understand the best performances come from confidence and the freedom to express.

It’s no secret that recording can be a lengthy and expensive process. Despite this unavoidable truth, it’s our philosophy that every project is far more important than the clock. As such we do our best to allow for flexible bookings that ensure we can take the time to get it right without worrying about the budget. If your needs are in music, spoken word, audio theatre or commercial recordings, we have the right solution to match your goals with your budget.


 The Story of the Studio 

This story isn’t exactly a glamourous one.  It isn’t filled with daring escapes from collapsing drum kits or heroic rescues of endangered guitar tracks… although there is a good story about 8 speakers and too much feedback.  This is simply a story about trying to make a difference.

To keep this story short, I’ll begin in the fall of 2009.  Being unsatisfied with the cost of recording (I wanted to self-produce my record at a professional studio), I made the life changing decision to go into business for myself.  Having found some investors willing to fund my project, and with a solid plan how to change professional recording, the studio was built from the ground up (inside an old bus garage) and the doors were opened October 13, 2010.

Like I said, not a tale really worth telling, unless the details are important.  For me, the details don’t matter as much as the WHY’s.  And that’s what I really want to talk about.

  • I see a gap between the expensive studios and the home studios.
  • I see a way to save thousands of dollars on big recordings without sacrificing quality.
  • I see an opportunity to help MORE artists make a career out of music.

I would like to be able to say I’ve made the the recording world a better place.  In 30 or 40 years, maybe someone else will actually agree.  Until then, I’ll just continue one recording at a time.

-James Seabrook