The Staff

The Belvedere school choir is thrilled to have this opportunity. (...) Thank you for giving my students the opportunity to feel like rock stars! (via TBoW Newsletter - Regarding the Pay it Forward YEG Community Program)
                    Sarah Holmgren (Music Teacher)



James Seabrook

Engineer / Producer / Songwriter / Studio Manager
After over 15 years as a musician, vocalist, songwriter and engineer, James Seabrook has toured with the likes of Trooper, World Champion Elvis tribute Robin Kelly, & Wide Mouth Mason. In the studio he’s worked with over 100 artists including international gospel recording artist Nancy Unsworth, Canadian touring artist Laura Bachynski, and international best selling author Troy Payne and his band Aside From Sorrow.  James is a published and award winning Lyricist (2008 – Gunslinger’s Lament) and songwriter.

Recent Production credits include Desperado Pilots, Soap Box Duo, Maria Phillipos, Shaun Bosch, Something Mechanical, Steve Newsome, StellaFox, Vanity Red, Nancy Unsworth, Nathan Cunningham, Laura Bachynski, Evan Crawford & Tayssa Hubert.


Roland Rodas

Engineer / Producer / Songwriter (website) Cavern of Echoes Audio
The newest member of the studio team, songwriter and engineer, Roland Rodas has quickly become one of the main engineers at Two Bodies of Water Productions. A student of studio technology and a lover of experimentation, Rodas has 3 releases with his own band, Dire Omen, and recently finished recording 11 songs in 3 days for the debut album from Phylactery. A specialist in his genre, Rodas is drawing interest from bands all across North America.


Student Opportunities

Contact us about opportunities to become an engineering student. We offer customized courses to teach you what YOU need to know about the technical and non-technical sides of the recording studio. We even offer the option of learning in your own home studio.