Instruments & Gear

The ever lasting quest for “tone” begins with the player, continues through the instrument, and ends with the gear. Here is a list of instruments and tools typically available to every recording session.


Huge thanks to James Seabrook for everything he contributed to this project - recording, mixing, mastering, bass... but more than anything your passion and patience. You always treat my projects like they're your own! (via Facebook)
                    Shaun Bosch (Singer/Songwriter)


Drums & Percussion

Mapex Saturn Series walnut drum shells
(20×18 bass, 14×5 snare, 10×8 12×10 14×14 toms)
Pearl Piccolo Brass Snare (14×4 snare)
Unnamed 60′s Era Maple Snare (14×5 snare)
Zildjian A & K series cymbals (available with deposit)
10″, 12″, & 14″ Tubano hand drums by Remo
Various hand percussion & noise makers


Pianos & Other

Roland, RD-300GX stage piano & A-500PRO MIDI controller
African thumb piano (modified)


Stringed Instruments

Fenix SL-90 acoustic guitar
Yamaha CGX171 nylon string guitar
Alabama ALM-30s mandolin

Ovation VXT electric guitar
Zeryab custom “Ten” electric guitar

Peavey Cirrus 4 string bass guitar
Ibanez SR405 5 string bass guitar


Ampification & Cabinets

Marshall “JTM45 MK II” (45 watt tube)
Mesa Boogie “Single Rectifier Solo” (50 watt tube)
Fender “Greta” (4W tube)

Marshall “1960a” 4×12
Marshall “JCM C410A” 4×10
Bell & Howell 1×12 (vintage 1950s enclosure & speaker)
Fender “SC112/Greta” 1×12

Fender “Blues DeVille” 4×10 (60 watt tube)
Peavey “Windsor” 1×12 (20 watt tube)
Peavey “Bandit 65″ 1×12 (65 watt solid state)
Kustom “KLA10″ 1×6 (40W solid state)

     For Bass
Yamaha BBT500-115 modeling bass combo
Ashdown Engineering “EVO II 500″ bass head
Hartke 410XL 4×10 bass cabinet


Pedals & more

Boss “CS-1″ compression sustainer (Made in Japan 1981)
Boss “CS-2″ compression sustainer (Made in Japan 1985)

     Distortion & Overdrives
Blackstar “LT Drive” overdrive
Bogner “Burnley” distortion
Boss “DS-1″ distortion (made in Japan 1986)
Danelectro “Daddy O” overdrive (mid 90s version)
Electro-Harmonix “Germanium Big Muff” overdrive/distortion
Fulltone “OCD” overdrive (version 4)

Boss “GE-7B” 7-band bass EQ (made in Japan 1988)
Danelectro “Fish & Chips” 7-band EQ (late 90s version)
MXR Ten Band EQ (70s version) (OOR)

     Modulation & Delay
Carl Martin “Classic Chorus” chorus/vibrato
Danelectro “Chili Dog” octaver (late 90s version)
Danelectro “Milkshake” chorus (late 90s version)
Danelectro “Pepperoni” phaser (late 90s version)
MXR “Micro Chorus” chorus (Dunlop version)
Rowin “LEF-613″ phaser
Rowin “LEF-614″ analogue delay

     Multiple Effects
Avid “Eleven Rack” digital amp & cabinet simulator
Boss “ME-50″ multiple effects (COSM digital)
Electro-Harmonix “Holy Stain” multiple effects

     Tuners & Other
Boss “NS-2″ noise suppressor
Boss “PSM-5″ power & master switch (made in Japan 1983)
Boss “TU-12″ tuner (made in Japan 1983)
Danelectro tuner (late 90s version)
Epigaze Audio “Neutrino Quark” buffer (version 1)
Korg “CA-1″ tuner
Korg “Pitch Black” tuner (black version)
Proel “PVP-12″ Volume Pedal
TC Electronic “PolyTune” tuner