Instruments & Gear

The ever lasting quest for “tone” begins with the player, continues through the instrument, and ends with the gear. Here is a list of instruments and tools typically available to every recording session.


...what a(n) awesome job you did on Emily's record. Such a clean sound and excellent dynamics. We're very impressed and look fwd to working more together. Thanks for putting so much time and effort for my baby sister. She doesn't know how lucky she is... (via text)
                    Andrea Iberra (Co-Producer, Emily Coulston)


Drums & Percussion

Mapex Saturn Series walnut drum shells
(20×18 bass, 14×5 snare, 10×8 12×10 14×14 toms)
Pearl Piccolo Brass Snare (14×4 snare)
Unnamed 60′s Era Maple Snare (14×5 snare)
Zildjian A & K series cymbals (available with deposit)
10″, 12″, & 14″ Tubano hand drums by Remo
Various hand percussion & noise makers


Pianos & Other

Roland, RD-300GX stage piano & A-500PRO MIDI controller
African thumb piano (modified)


Stringed Instruments

Fenix SL-90 acoustic guitar
Yamaha CGX171 nylon string guitar
Alabama ALM-30s mandolin

Ovation VXT electric guitar
Zeryab custom “Ten” electric guitar

Peavey Cirrus 4 string bass guitar
Ibanez SR405 5 string bass guitar


Ampification & Cabinets

Marshall “JTM45 MK II” (45 watt tube)
Mesa Boogie “Single Rectifier Solo” (50 watt tube)
Fender “Greta” (4W tube)

Marshall “1960a” 4×12
Marshall “JCM C410A” 4×10
Bell & Howell 1×12 (vintage 1950s enclosure & speaker)
Fender “SC112/Greta” 1×12

Fender “Blues DeVille” 4×10 (60 watt tube)
Peavey “Windsor” 1×12 (20 watt tube)
Peavey “Bandit 65″ 1×12 (65 watt solid state)
Kustom “KLA10″ 1×6 (40W solid state)

     For Bass
Yamaha BBT500-115 modeling bass combo
Ashdown Engineering “EVO II 500″ bass head
Hartke 410XL 4×10 bass cabinet


Pedals & more

Boss “CS-1″ compression sustainer (Made in Japan 1981)
Boss “CS-2″ compression sustainer (Made in Japan 1985)

     Distortion & Overdrives
Blackstar “LT Drive” overdrive
Bogner “Burnley” distortion
Boss “DS-1″ distortion (made in Japan 1986)
Danelectro “Daddy O” overdrive (mid 90s version)
Electro-Harmonix “Germanium Big Muff” overdrive/distortion
Fulltone “OCD” overdrive (version 4)

Boss “GE-7B” 7-band bass EQ (made in Japan 1988)
Danelectro “Fish & Chips” 7-band EQ (late 90s version)
MXR Ten Band EQ (70s version) (OOR)

     Modulation & Delay
Carl Martin “Classic Chorus” chorus/vibrato
Danelectro “Chili Dog” octaver (late 90s version)
Danelectro “Milkshake” chorus (late 90s version)
Danelectro “Pepperoni” phaser (late 90s version)
MXR “Micro Chorus” chorus (Dunlop version)
Rowin “LEF-613″ phaser
Rowin “LEF-614″ analogue delay

     Multiple Effects
Avid “Eleven Rack” digital amp & cabinet simulator
Boss “ME-50″ multiple effects (COSM digital)
Electro-Harmonix “Holy Stain” multiple effects

     Tuners & Other
Boss “NS-2″ noise suppressor
Boss “PSM-5″ power & master switch (made in Japan 1983)
Boss “TU-12″ tuner (made in Japan 1983)
Danelectro tuner (late 90s version)
Epigaze Audio “Neutrino Quark” buffer (version 1)
Korg “CA-1″ tuner
Korg “Pitch Black” tuner (black version)
Proel “PVP-12″ Volume Pedal
TC Electronic “PolyTune” tuner