Studio Equipment

While it may be secondary to creativity and performance, a carefully chosen piece of equipment may impart a certain underlying character to a recording, much in the same way a cask imparts character to an aging wine. Here is a list of what is typically available to every recording session.


Goodness James, I'm overwhelmed with this cd thing. Nothing but calls and requests. ALL positive. Thank you. (via text)
                    Rhonda L.M.


Control Room & Monitoring

     Recording/Mixing Console
Soundcraft “MH4″ 48 channel analogue console
– 48 mic/line preamp & equalizer
– 5 stereo line inputs
– 16 mono or 8 mono/4 stereo aux/busses

AMS Neve “1073LB” preamp
Classic API “VP26″ preamp (2 channels)
Focusrite “ISA220″ preamp/eq/compressor
Great River “MP-500NV” (2 channels)
Rupert Neve Designs “Portico 511″ preamp (3 channels)
Universal Audio “LA-610 MkII” preamp/eq/compressor
Warm Audio “TB12-500″ preamp (2 channels)

     Outboard Compressors
Alta Moda “AM-10″ compressor/limiter
DBX “160SL” stereo/dual-mono mastering compressor
DBX “560a” compressor/limiter (2 channels)
Hairball Audio “1176 Rev D” fet style compressor
Inward Connections “The Brute” limiter
Klark Teknik “DN504″ quad compressor (4 channels)
FMR Audio “RNC500″ compressor
FMR Audio “RNLA500″ levelling amplifier
JoeMeek “SC2 (v1.07)” stereo/mono compressor
Purple Audio “Action” fet style compressor (2 channels)

     Outboard Equalizers
AMS Neve “8803″ parametric equalizer (2 channels)
API “5500″ dual equalizer (2 channels)
API “560b” 10 band graphic equalizer
Purple Audio “TAV” 10 band graphic equalizer (2 channels)
Rupert Neve Designs “551″ parametric equalizer

     Miscellaneous Outboard
Aphex “EX-BB 500″ aural exciter & big bottom
Avid “Eleven Rack” digital amp & cabinet simulator
BBE “SM500″ sonic maximizer
DBX “520″ De-Esser (2 channels)
Lexicon “MX200″ dual reverb effects processor
T.C. Electronic “M300″ dual engine processor

Beyer Dynamics, Fostex, AKG headphones
Neumann Berlin “KH120a” near field monitors
Focal Professional “CMS 50″ near field monitors
Vintage Maker “Little Knob”
     (passive speaker selector switch & volume control)


Microphones & Direct Boxes

Telefunken Elecktroakustik M80, M81
Shure KSM Series KSM313, KSM42 (x2), KSM32 (x2)
Shure Beta Series Beta 91, Beta 58, Beta 57A
Shure SM Series SM7b, SM58 (x2), SM57 (x2)
Sennheiser MD 441-U (x2 70′s era), MD 421-II (x4), e906
SE Electronics Gemini II, R1 (x2mp)
Peavey PVM 480 (x4), RAC-1
Neumann U87i (early 80′s era)
Mojave Audio MA-100 (stereo set)
Kel Audio HM-3C
Electro Voice RE20 (x2 80′s era), 648 (60′s era), 647 (60′s era)
Cathedral Pipes “Notre Dame”
Blue Microphones “Kiwi” (x2)
Beyerdynamic Opus Series 51, 88 (x3)
Audix CX-112, D6, D4 (x3)
Audio Technica AT3525

     Microphone Boosters
Cathedral Pipes “Durham”
Marti Audio “Barrel Booster” (x2)

     ReAmp Boxes
NF Audio “RA10″ (variable Z passive transformer)
Radial “Pro-RMP” (passive transformer)

     Direct Boxes
A Designs Reddi (single channel tube)
ART dPDB (dual channel passive)
Radio Shack 274-016c (x2)(single channel passive)
Radio Shack 274-017c (single channel passive)
Yorkville YDI-1P (x2)(single channel passive)


Converters, Software & Computer

Antelope Audio “Orion 32″ d/a & a/d

Pro Tools 12, CuBase 7 & Studio One 2
Antares, Izotope, Rupert Neve Designs, Universal Audio & Waves Plugins
Drumagog 5 Platinum Drum Replacement Software

ADC Ultra-Patch 1/4″ 466-point Patch Panel
Presonus Faderport
Apple Power Mac 2.8 GHz Quad Core /w 16GB Memory
Cyber Power 1000A VR UPS