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Three Questions Every Songwriter Must Be Able To Answer

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in How To's, Marketing, Studio Advice | 0 comments

This was something that came across my desk this morning and it is almost perfect the way it is… so here is the complete, yet short post, which can also be found HERE. The article mentions the Library of Congress, which does us Canadians no good.  Instead, here’s the link to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office… Three Questions Every Songwriter Must Be Able To Answer 1. Q. Is it OK to shop the same song to more than one person at a time? A. Yes. It’s expected throughout the industry that a song will be shopped to as many professionals as...

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Liz Longley on Kickstarter

Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in How To's, Recording | 0 comments

I’ve been following this young woman for about 6 years now. I have her first record (which was fantastic BTW) and have casually followed her move from coast to coast. Recently, like many, she’s jumped on the KickStarter Bandwagon. I’m not here to talk about KickStarter, I’m here to talk about her budget. Liz, unlike most of us, has the experience of making 3 records to this point. The most important thing she’s learned is that her team matters. Her and producer Gus Berry have put together a plan and a budget that Liz compares to $100,000+ record company budget....

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The Eggs in the Benedict

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It’s true, I’ve seen a little too much TV… I recently acquired an electric griddle and started cooking at the studio.  Not only has it saved me from bringing a lunch every day (not to mention dinner and so often breakfast), but it is teaching me valuable lessons about preparation. You see, it’s the first non-stick cooking ‘thing’ I’ve ever really owned and I really had to figure out how best to use it. The first eggs I cooked on it stuck to the pan and I was naturally annoyed.  Who wants to scrape eggs off a pan? No One!  That’s who.  It...

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A Breakdown of Studio Budgets

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Recently, I received this email from a potential client asking about estimates and budgets. “Hi I’m in a band and I was just wondering if I could get an estimate cost to record and edit our album. It’s our first album, with ten songs roughly 3-4 minutes in length. We’ve never done this before so we need to know what our budget should look like. So if you could give us an estimate that would really help us out thanks.” It’s something I get asked a lot about so I thought I’d share it with all of you. This was my reply. =================================...

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Studio Stories: The Intern

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As I’m writing this, I’m teaching my intern Mark how to solder cables back together.  He’s playfully trying not to burn his fingers, and I’m certain I’ve instilled the right amount of fear into him to keep him from burning down the studio… or, at least I hope I have. He was especially excited about how instantaneous the solder melts into a deadly yet useful liquid form.  And there goes all the fear.  In a moment of coolness Mark had forgotten about all the fear of getting hurt or of melting something he shouldn’t. That’s reason #1 I wanted to...

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