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Getting Ready for the Studio

Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in How To's, Recording, Studio Advice | 0 comments

I’ve seen it happen a number of times and I’ve been guilty of it myself in the past; You can’t sleep the week before, you toss and turn with excitement as you look ahead to your turn in the studio. The plan is, you’ll show up and your art will turn into something amazing! It’s never that easy, though, is it? Those of you who’ve been through the recording process know how tedious the work can be and how being unprepared can really handicap your end results. Maybe you’re sitting around getting frustrated at your singer who’s spending over an hour...

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An Introduction of Sorts
…(and ideas)

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I’ve been wanting to write a How To guide for a long time.  There are so many topics to cover, and so many people about to record that need the advice or even a walk through manual about recording so a) they know what they’re getting in to, and b) they know how to get the most out of it.  Perhaps my How To book won’t happen quickly, but I’ve decided to at least write down the ideas I have and flesh it out.  This blog will hopefully provide me with an outlet to share these thoughts on more than 140 characters. And those who know me understand I have a lot to say. I...

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