The Cost of an E.P. or Album???

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I receive a lot of emails asking about how much it should cost to make an E.P. or an Album, yet most of those emails aren’t ever certain about much more details beyond the question. I recently responded to one of those emails with a pretty simple breakdown of the details needed to figure out the cost, so I thought I’d post it here to help everyone think through the process. Thanks so much for the email, XXXXXXXX. You’re right in thinking that a career in music requires well recorded songs available on iTunes for people to consume. I’ll try to touch on everything a little bit,...

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Teamwork Matters

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Those of you who’ve worked with me in the studio know how passionate I am about the pursuit of music as a career. I believe that not only is it even more attainable through today’s music scene than ever before, but it is sustainable too. With that in mind, I want to write a little today about a key factor in attaining and sustaining that career. “Win as a Team, Lose as a Team” Some of us push forward, solo like Nigel Tufnel on stage with a guitar around his neck, a violin in one hand, and another guitar within kicking distance to strum with his shoe…  It’s...

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Song Demo Advice

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I read a lot of music blogs, or rather, music production blogs, and I stumbled on a post this morning over at Music Clout by guest poster (and producer) Johnny Dwinell. This one is specifically for songwriters demoing their songs for other artists, and Johnny provided a very candid “producer’s” perspective. 10 Worst Song Demo Mistakes Just incase you didn’t want to surf over there, here’s a quick summary of what he was talking about. Long Intros…. Don’t do it.  The demo isn’t about the intro, it’s about the song, the story, the melody....

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That box of Crayons

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It’s finally time to make it official.  We have a new partner at the studio, and I really did bring out that old box of crayons. We have been working with Zena Conlin over at Wax Crayon Design Studio now for almost 4 months (or has it been more?) in an attempt to have her and her company take over our design initiatives.  Well, three projects in, we couldn’t be happier so we’ve decided to make it official. Wax Crayon Design Studio Wax Crayon Design Studio is the natural development of Zena Conlin, who has over ten years combined experience in graphic communication,...

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New Studio Gear… Today is a Good Day

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When we opened our doors in October of 2010, the studio was pretty bear when it came to equipment.  Over the last 2 years, we’ve continuously upgraded almost everything…  Here’s what this new year has already brought us… Guitar Amps… Recently acquired a Marshall 1960a Guitar Cabinet and a Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier “Solo” Head. Microphone Pre-Amps…  Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5024 and API A2D.  Both make sources sound, well, better. Microphones… Most recently we’ve replaced our Sennheiser e604 drum mics with the more versatile...

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Studio Professionals: The Record Producer

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“A good performance will override any production idea or sonic idea that you can have.” – Record Producer Daniel Lanois (U2, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, etc) Of everything I’m about to discuss with this article, the above statement is perhaps THE most important aspect of a producer’s role.  The performance is the key.  It is the responsibility of the performer to show their best, and the responsibility of the producer to take them further. The Record Producer In the previous article, I mentioned a handful of definitions related to the...

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