Song Demo Advice

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I read a lot of music blogs, or rather, music production blogs, and I stumbled on a post this morning over at Music Clout by guest poster (and producer) Johnny Dwinell. This one is specifically for songwriters demoing their songs for other artists, and Johnny provided a very candid “producer’s” perspective. 10 Worst Song Demo Mistakes Just incase you didn’t want to surf over there, here’s a quick summary of what he was talking about. Long Intros…. Don’t do it.  The demo isn’t about the intro, it’s about the song, the story, the melody....

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Three Questions Every Songwriter Must Be Able To Answer

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This was something that came across my desk this morning and it is almost perfect the way it is… so here is the complete, yet short post, which can also be found HERE. The article mentions the Library of Congress, which does us Canadians no good.  Instead, here’s the link to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office… Three Questions Every Songwriter Must Be Able To Answer 1. Q. Is it OK to shop the same song to more than one person at a time? A. Yes. It’s expected throughout the industry that a song will be shopped to as many professionals as...

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A Letter about Release Campaigns

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I’ve recently been working with a client who has really taken on the self producer role and has such a clear picture of how her songs should be.  The experience has been hard on her.  She’s young and inexperienced, and has taken her share of lumps along the way, and yet she’s still just as motivated and enthusiastic about what she’s doing. Naturally, as young as she is she sometimes can get ahead of herself.  To help her along, I wrote her an email about releasing her songs, and I think it would benefit everyone if they started thinking about similar strategies.  Of...

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