Huge thanks to James Seabrook for everything he contributed to this project – recording, mixing, mastering, bass… but more than anything your passion and patience. You always treat my projects like they’re your own! (via Facebook)

Shaun Bosch (Singer/Songwriter)


I’ve been to many studios in my day and this has been by far the most flexible, honest/funnest experience I’ve had yet!! (via Facebook)

Stanley Richard Gallant (Singer/Songwriter)


Just heard Alyssa’s unmastered CD, wow!!!!! I don’t think you realize how proud we are of you Lys and how beautiful a job you did – and yes, we cried again!!! Thank you James Seabrook for all your hard work – we can’t thank you enough!!!! (via email)

Marilyn S. (Executive Producer/Mother)


James Seabrook of Two Bodies of Water Productions recorded, engineered, edited and mixed our debut album ‘Out of the Darkness, into the Light’. James was absolutely incredible to work with. His professionalism and extensive knowledge of the industry helped us create an album that surpassed our hopes and expectations. James brought great ideas and great energy to our project throughout the entire process. Recording your first album can be a little scary and even intimidating but James has a way of relaxing you and walking you through the process that takes the fear right out of it. We are looking forward to working with James again! (via LinkedIn)

Troy Payne (Lead Singer of Aside From Sorrow &
International Best Selling Author)


Goodness James, I’m overwhelmed with this cd thing. Nothing but calls and requests. ALL positive. Thank you. (via text)

Rhonda L.M. (Singer)


Last (winter) my daughter recorded her first original song. We didn’t know what to expect as this was her first experience in a full studio setting. James was incredibly pleasant and really put my daughter at ease. He was prepared and organized and had some great idea’s in the production of the song, adding instruments to her vocals and keyboard. The work was done in a reasonable time frame and we were very pleased with the outcome of the song! James was very helpful and we would definitely recommend him to others looking for this service. (via LinkedIn)

Debbie Esposito (Shay Esposito)


…what a(n) awesome job you did on Emily’s record. Such a clean sound and excellent dynamics. We’re very impressed and look fwd to working more together. Thanks for putting so much time and effort for my baby sister. She doesn’t know how lucky she is…  (via text)

Andrea I. (Co-Producer, Emily Coulston)


Recording is done! MASSIVE thanks to @2bodiesofwater for the hard work, the fun times, and telling us when we suck! (via Twitter)

Better Than Heroes


Absolutely beautiful treatment of (our song) The Dance. I really love the old-church feel and I think you have pulled out the best of our work yesterday.  (via email)

Laura Bachynski (Singer/Songwriter)


James Seabrook from Two Bodies Of Water Productions provided us with a comfortable atmosphere along with the professional recording equipment needed to receive the crystal clear quality that Brother Octopus desired. The friendly environment lessens the amount of pressure when recording and James will even clean your house afterwards… Okay, maybe that last part won’t happen, but we would definitely record at Two Bodies Of Water again! (via email)

Brother Octopus


I just listened to this now… Wow you’re amazing! Thank you. I thought this song was going to have to be scrapped. You’re really amazing at what you do.  Thank you so much. (via email)

Burn n Pappa Blues


James, your studio is amazing and working with you was really fun. I can’t wait to get back there. (via facebook)

Radelle Rombough (The RadRev)


…listening to your studio stuff on your site. Your ability with compressors is unreal. I found that all your levels were very calming, steady… (via text)

Charlie S. (Singer/Songwriter)


Thanks for an amazing week! My album is gonna rock. James Seabrook and Leonardo Gonzalez are creative geniuses. (via Twitter)

Selena Moss (Singer/Songwriter)


…we had such a great time, and I think we are all ready to move in! Thank you for making us feel so comfortable… (via facebook)

The Displaced Islanders


…the finished products were amazing. James you’re great! (via facebook regarding commercials for radio)

Charlie Merch (Undiscovered Productions)


Holy Crap thanks James. I definitely love the version with the changed feedback plus the other little changes make it sound so much more awesome. (via email)

Always on Top (Now “Counted Among Saints”)


Thanks so much James. What a BIG day. I appreciate your relaxed demeanor and gentleness with people. I feel you really value your clients and there is a mutual respect there. (via facebook)

Jenesia Dawn (Aphesis)


Hey James. J. and I just listened to the new draft and absolutely love it. Great job. Thanks alot for working with us we hope to work with you again soon.  (via email)

Boy Rambler


If any of you musicians out there are looking for a place to record, at the very least, check out Two Bodies of Water Productions. I’ve done some work with James Seabrook in the past, he knows his $#!&!!!! Check him out.  (via Facebook)

Scotti B. Cholowski


My new love (is) being in the studio.  (via Facebook)

Tama Neilene (Singer/Songwriter)


Thank you to Two Bodies of Water Productions for providing the Pay It Forward YEG Program! Through this program I created my latest single. I’m SO happy with the song and definitely recommend your work! (via Facebook)

Sara Isabel (Singer/Songwriter)


…just want to say thanks for the great recording sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Everything went really well, and the tracks turned out great! (via Facebook)

Ryan Hunter (The Kepler Exodus)


Dude thanks for the day. Thanks also for the friendly environment where even a silence feels confortable. Really love how fast you are. You’re a true mindreader! Good luck with the mix …lol… am sure you’ll do beyond expectation again! (via Facebook)

Frank Sands (Burnin’ Sands)