Liz Longley on Kickstarter

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I’ve been following this young woman for about 6 years now. I have her first record (which was fantastic BTW) and have casually followed her move from coast to coast. Recently, like many, she’s jumped on the KickStarter Bandwagon. I’m not here to talk about KickStarter, I’m here to talk about her budget.

Liz, unlike most of us, has the experience of making 3 records to this point. The most important thing she’s learned is that her team matters. Her and producer Gus Berry have put together a plan and a budget that Liz compares to $100,000+ record company budget. I want you to take a look below and tell me if you agree or disagree with the simple version of her budget she’s laid out here.

Liz Longley on KickStarter

Two years ago, I graduated from Berklee College of Music and released my third album. Ever since, I’ve been touring the US and writing songs non-stop. You’ve asked WHEN I’ll be recording my next album. The answer is NOW, and the project starts with YOU!

Typically, a record label funds an album with a price tag upward of a hundred thousand dollars. Because I am still an independent artist without the backing of a record label, I’ve put together a budget plan to make the album for $35,000.


If we can raise the funds, I’ll make my dream album and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Now, she’s certainly not provided much in the way of specifics, but do you break out your budget like that? If you do, what’s missing? If you don’t, how do YOU do it?

I certainly want to congratulate Liz on her successes to this point, and if you want to contribute to her campaign, then you’re investing in a good cause. Maybe even consider KickStarter for YOUR next fund raising campaign.

Liz Longley on KickStarter