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… a (mostly) analog workflow with all the advantages of the digital workspace.

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Professional & Self Recorded Projects

Live Concert Multitrack Sessions

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(mostly) Analog Mixing Services

In a perfect world, your song would get the same treatment as music made at the height of the industry. It deserves the care of classic high-end analog circuitry, the vintage character of the 70’s, and the magic that only electricity & hardware can provide.
But who can afford that?!? Finally, the answer is you!
To make it possible, we combine our racks of high quality gear with only the most important digital tools to deliver to you great mixes every time, priced specifically to work with your budget.


A (mostly) Analog Workflow

Equipped to bring analog magic to your entire mix session with outboard EQs from API & Neve, compressors from Inward Connections, Locomotive Audio & BAE, and our British built 48 channel Soundcraft console.

The Digital Advantage

With Pro Tools, CuBase, and Studio One, our Mac Pro is loaded with power & some of the most trusted software in the business. We take it one step further with plugins from Universal Audio, SoundToys, Izotope and more.


Best of Both Worlds

Our Antelope Orion and it’s rock-solid drivers deliver 32 channels of high quality i/o to seamlessly integrate analog and digital worlds. That means digital precision and analog character is the minimum expectation for your song.

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Studio Equipment

While it may be secondary to creativity and performance, a carefully chosen piece of equipment may impart a certain underlying character to a recording, much in the same way a cask imparts character to an aging wine. Here is a list of what is typically available to every mixing & mastering session.


Analog Console

Soundcraft “MH4” 48 channel
British Built analogue console

– 48 mic/line preamp & equalizer
– 5 stereo line inputs
– 16 mono or 8 mono/4 stereo aux/busses


AMS Neve “1073LB”
Classic API “VP26” (x2)
Focusrite “ISA220”
Great River “MP-500NV” (x4)
Rupert Neve Designs “Portico 511” (x3)
Universal Audio “LA-610 MkII”
Warm Audio “TB12-500” (x2)


ReAmp Boxes

Little Labs “Redeye”
ReAmp Original
ReAmp V2


Cathedral Pipes “Durham”
Marti Audio “Barrel Booster”


Direct Boxes

A Designs Reddi
Little Labs Redeye
Yorkville YDI-1P

Outboard Equalizers

AMS Neve “8803”
API “5500”
Great River “EQ-2NV”
IGS Audio “RB500me”

Outboard Compressors

AudioScape “D-Comp”
BAE “10DC” (x2)
DBX “160SL”
Drawmer “1973”
Hairball Audio “1176 Rev D”
IGS Audio “S-Type” (x2)
Inward Connections “The Brute”
Locomotive Audio “Weight Tank” (x2)
Pete’s Place “BAC 500” (x2)
Purple Audio “Action” (x2)


Focal “CMS50”
Neumann “KH120a”
AKG “K702”
Drawmer “CMC2”


Miscellaneous Outboard

Avid “Eleven Rack”
DBX “520”


Shure KSM313
SE Electronics R1 (x2)
Samar Audio VL37 (x2)
Royer R-101 (x2)
Peavey RAC-1

Telefunken M80
Telefunken M81
Shure SM7b, SM58, SM57
Shure Beta 58, Beta 57A
Sennheiser MD 441-U (x2 70’s era)
Sennheiser MD 421-II (x3)
Sennheiser e906, e904
Electro Voice RE20 (x2 80’s era)
Electro Voice 648 & 647 (60’s era)
Audix D6, D4 (x3)

SE Electronics Gemini II
Mojave Audio MA-100 (stereo set)
Cathedral Pipes “Notre Dame”

Shure KSM42 (x2), KSM32 (x2)
Shure Beta 91
Peavey PVM 480 (x2)
Neumann U87i (early 80’s era)
Blue Microphones “Kiwi” (x2)
Beyerdynamic Opus Series 51, 88 (x3)

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