T he budget you set to finance your project is an extremely important aspect to be considered. That’s why we’ll work closely with you to evaluate the many factors involved in establishing an accurate and achievable cost & time estimate for your project. Please be sure to talk to us. Together we’ll be flexible and creative, achieving your goals within your budget.



The Belvedere school choir is thrilled to have this opportunity. (...) Thank you for giving my students the opportunity to feel like rock stars! (via TBoW Newsletter - Regarding the Pay it Forward YEG Community Program)
                    Sarah Holmgren (Music Teacher)



Basic Studio Rental

Our studio rental is $30 per hour, which includes our facility, all the tools and resources available on site, and an assistant to make the session and the new space work the way you need.

  • $30/hour (facility & equipment rental, and assistant engineer)
  • Day rates and Lockout rates are available upon request
  • Engineers and/or producers are available at an additional cost
  • Contact form at the bottom of the page


Music Projects – Advanced Breakdown

I’ll try to keep the breakdown as simple as possible because it can get long and tedious. There are several parts to what we call “production,” and I’ll list them here with a little explanation for each. I’ll also breakdown the costs further down.

Pre-Production (Optional)
This is all the prep work getting ready for a recording. From songwriting/critique to instrument prep to planning/scheduling. It usually pays off in productivity and increases accomplishment and success, though it depends on how you define those things.
Setup & Soundcheck
Just like you would do for a show, only it takes longer because the small details need to be addressed and covered. The more time spent on setup and soundcheck the better the recording ends up, usually.
Recording (aka “Tracking”)
Just what you would expect.
This is the process of making performances sound better and combining different takes together to be one.
Blending all the tracks/instruments for each song together so they work in a clear and effective way.
A technical process of making the “mix” meet the specifications of today’s “destinations” as far as loudness and file types are concerned. Often confused with mixing, it is a VERY separate process.


Music Projects – Costs

  • $30/hour studio rental (facility & equipment rental, and assistant engineer)
  • $30/hour for an engineer to operate the studio
  • IF you have or are your own engineer, that’s a great way to save money
  • $100-$250 per song for mixing
  • $50 per song for mastering
  • Producers are available at an additional cost
  • Contact form at the bottom of the page

***Of note, pre-production and editing are mostly dependant on the variables of the producer or engineer working on the project, and hard to quote, BUT…


Music Projects – Fixed “Per Song” Pricing

Not all projects can fit into the box of a fixed price package, but when they do, check out below.

Live in Studio” – $200 per song
100% played live in the studio. Includes setup, recording, mixing & mastering.

One Song One Day” – $600 per song (Most Popular)
8 hours of recording & editing. Also includes setup, mixing & mastering.

Radio Ready” – $1000 per song
Everything we can do to help make the song ready for the radio! With few exceptions*. Includes pre-production, setup, recording, editing, mixing & mastering.
(*N.B. “within reason” is the limitation here. Let’s talk if this is what you’re interested in)


Email about your project

To find out more about recording options and our package deals, call/text +1 (780) 938-4414 or Contact Us on the form below.