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I read a lot of music blogs, or rather, music production blogs, and I stumbled on a post this morning over at Music Clout by guest poster (and producer) Johnny Dwinell. This one is specifically for songwriters demoing their songs for other artists, and Johnny provided a very candid “producer’s” perspective.

10 Worst Song Demo Mistakes

Just incase you didn’t want to surf over there, here’s a quick summary of what he was talking about.

  1. Long Intros…. Don’t do it.  The demo isn’t about the intro, it’s about the song, the story, the melody.
  2. Have decent song production.  Cheap production hurts the delivery of the song more often than not.
  3. Get your song choice right when you send your songs to submissions.  The wrong song just wasted their time.
  4. Accurate email subject lines.  Get to the point.  Make it easy to find in their inbox.
  5. Research the artist so your submission plays to their strength. (hard to do in the Taxi/Sonicbids/Reverbnation era)
  6. Choose the right singer for the song.  OR Choose multiple singers if the song can be done in different ranges.  If you’re serious don’t be cheap, hire the right singers.
  7. Make sure your lyrics are strong.  A compelling story will hold a listener’s attention.
  8. Remember this is a demo, NOT the next track for your album.  Keep it Simple.
  9. Don’t over produce.  Leave interpretation for the artist and the producer. Keep it Simple.
  10. Much like #6…  Appropriate vocal tuning.  Sounding like Cher or T-Payne is an artistic thing, leave that to them.  On the flip side, make sure the vocal is IN TUNE.

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