Studio "B"

…a one room suite with a relaxing atmosphere for voice & podcast recording, and post production like editing, mixing, & mastering.

Ideally Suited for:

Voice Recordings
Audio Post Production (Editing, Mixing, Mastering)

Studio "B"

…is a single room suite with a relaxing atmosphere and great acoustics to provide a wonderful workspace for freelance professionals without a big investment. Whether you need to spend the day editing or mixing, or you have a script to voice on a deadline, Studio “B” is the solution you’re looking for.


On Site Engineers

One of our knowledgable engineers is always around to help with technical problems, but only if you want them.  There’s no need to be supervised, or feel our presence, even though we’re minutes away.

Mics for Voices

Equipped standard with 4 “Top in their Class” microphones for voice recordings, and expandable up to 8 channels if necessary, Studio “B” is up to your task. Plus, the selection of microphones available from Studio “A” is nearby if you’re looking for a twist or a classic!

Setup & Ready for You

USB and Thunderbolt connectivity provides your computer or recording device access to the microphones, while driver install is quick and simple for most systems. PLUS… we look forward to an expansion of a dedicated Apple computer in suite for those who’d rather not bring their own.


The Digital Advantage

Our audio production workdesk provides thunderbolt connectivity to our Focusrite Clarett to provide 8 analog i/o and 16 digital i/o.  OR, if you’d rather use your own mobile interface, our 1/4″ TRS patchbay allows for quick and easy integration into the entire system.

The Right Price for Your Budget

Your recording shouldn’t come down to price, so we brought the price down for you.

4+ Hours

Price Break
  • Full Access to Studio “B”
  • Engineer on site for assistance
  • GST Included

Day Rate

Best Value
  • 10 Consecutive Hours in 1 Day
  • Full Access to Studio “B”
  • Engineer on site for assistance
  • GST Included

Studio Equipment

While it may be secondary to creativity and performance, a carefully chosen piece of equipment may impart a certain underlying character to a recording, much in the same way a cask imparts character to an aging wine. Here is a list of what is typically available to every recording session.


Monitoring & AD/DA

Focal CMS50
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre-X
Tascam US-1641
Behringher UMC404HD


Outboard Equipment

DBX “162SL”


Shure KSM42 (x2)
Heil “PR30”
Blue Microphones “Kiwi” (x2)
* More available from Studio “A” with notice

Don't Be Shy

Whether you’re looking for a space to record in or not, we would love to hear about your project. Passionate people are what motivates us.

More Questions?

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