That box of Crayons

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013 in Intrductions | 0 comments

It’s finally time to make it official.  We have a new partner at the studio, and I really did bring out that old box of crayons.

We have been working with Zena Conlin over at Wax Crayon Design Studio now for almost 4 months (or has it been more?) in an attempt to have her and her company take over our design initiatives.  Well, three projects in, we couldn’t be happier so we’ve decided to make it official.

Wax Crayon Design Studio

Wax Crayon Design Studio is the natural development of Zena Conlin, who has over ten years combined experience in graphic communication, marketing & print production.

I love colour! I love creative collaboration! I love small, local businesses! And I love long walks on the beach! That’s the reason The Wax Crayon Design Studio came in to being (well maybe not the beach part). Creativity doesn’t always happen sitting in an office between the hours of nine and five.

Not only is Zena great with the creative side of design, she is a great friend of mine. Check out her website, check out her portfolio, and let’s talk about putting her to work for you.